Structural Design

Structural Design

We are your contact in all phases of structural design! Our services range from the basic evaluation, concepts and the design, approval and execution planning to the participation in the award of contracts and the supervision of the execution.

We specialize in the planning of steel and concrete construction for the building materials manufacturing industries and the numerous associated areas of plant engineering.

We design, calculate, plan and construct supporting structures for large plants. These include cement clinker production, silos, storage and handling facilities, grinding, mixing and loading plants, machine foundations, supporting structures for conveyors and pipelines, steel towers, warehouses and the like.

Due to the complexity of steel structures in plant engineering, we also supply their design with shop drawings.

Kottmann GmbH is a globally active company. Local standards and the construction processes of the most diverse economic and cultural circles are therefore known to us.


The high demands of investors and operators of large industrial plants as well as the specific interrelationships of the multidisciplinary plant technology cause an increasing need for structural engineering consulting. This is what we offer you! You benefit from our wide experience of many years pratice in all project, construction and operating phases.

Unsere Beratungsleistungen erstrecken sich von der Vorplanung bis zur Ausführung und Abnahme/Inbetriebnahme, wie zum Beispiel:

  • Analaysing the existing situation
  • Feasibility study
  • Studies of alternatives
  • Specific proposal
  • Bill of quantities
  • Cost estimation
  • Quality control
  • Cost-effectness comparison
  • Peer review


The handling of key operational components and large-scale structural plants as well as the planning of extensions and conversions of industrial buildings in the course of modernization, performance and efficiency increases represent special boundary conditions for object and structural planning. From both an economic and an ecological point of view, existing plants have to be repaired for further long-term and high loads in order to maintain and upgrade them in an economically optimal way for operation.

We have the certificate of expert planner for maintenance of concrete structures

We offer:

  • Recording the actual state
  • 3d laser imaging and mapping of old stock into 3d CAD models and plans
  • Planning of the necessary investigation measures
  • Assessment of residual bearing capacities, residual service lives and structural deficiencies
  • Development of maintenance targets and concepts
  • Planning of the maintenance measures
  • Solution concepts for load increases, load transfers and subsequent foundations
  • Feasibility and profitability studies
  • Planning and structural analysis of demolition, deconstruction, reconstruction and building conditions

Construction supervision

Construction supervision ensures the quality of construction and guarantees long-term stability and serviceability.

  • We perform engineering controls during the execution of the structure and monitor its compliance with the execution documents
  • We are on site for difficult construction phases (e.g. silo slipforming), unusual assembly conditions and special foundation measures

Planning from one source

Kottmann GmbH

The planning of complex industrial plants requires the coordination of many different disciplines, each with its own specific requirements. In order to optimize interfaces and coordination processes between planners and participants, we offer the following services in connection with structural design:

Object and infrastructure planning

In addition to structural design, we offer the following sub-areas of object and infrastructure planning for the building structures planned by us:

  • Preparation of building permits
  • Road and civil engineering
  • Drainage, service water and fire water planning
  • Facade design
  • Staircases and elevators
  • Terracing and retaining structures
  • Media routes and piping runs
  • Masterlayouts und Werkslayouts für die Projektsteuerung

Planning of the mechanical equipment

Within the scope of projects of individual new process buildings and process components as well as for extensions and reconstruction, we offer the planning of the technical equipment of conveying, feeding, discharge, dedusting, process chains with silos and handling bunkers and the like with long-standing experienced cooperation partners.

Geotechnics and foundation engineering

Geotechnical planning and foundation engineering are requirements for the long-term damage-free stability and serviceability of any building structure. However, large plants and industrial buildings often place much higher demands on the subsoil than ordinary building construction.

We offer therefore:

  • Advice on necessary subsoil investigations and investigation objectives
  • Foundation concepts based on the results of the subsoil investigations
  • Alternatives and optimizations with regard to stability, sensitivity to settlement, economic efficiency, construction feasibility and construction time
  • Geotechnical verifications and settlement calculations
  • Planning and evaluation of pile sample loads
  • Planning of pile foundations with different pile types
  • Design of combined pile and slab foundations
  • Subsoil improvements, soil replacement and excavation plans