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Planning period
Cement plant Shurovo, Russia


Year of constrution


Services provided by Kottmann GmbH

Object and structural steel and concrete design (LPH 1-8)

Scope of design
  • 2 clinker silos with transports and connection to existing structure
  • 1 Packing plant
  • 1 multi-cell cement silo with 4 truck loading lanes
  • 1 monocell cement silo with 4 truck loading lanes and weighing pits
  • Various supporting structures for pipelines and transports
Technical data
  • 2 clinker silos ⌀38m, height silo 47m, height penthouse +75m, storage capacity/silo 75.000 t
  • Multi-cell cement silo with 7 chambers ⌀26m, height silo 61m, penthouse +84m, storage capacity 24.000t
  • Monocellular cement silo ⌀26m, height silo 61m, penthouse +69m, storage capacity 30.000t
  • all clinker transport bridges incl. bridge silo-silo with 68m span
  • steel structure low fire silo 5000t

The Shurovsky Cement plant near Kolomna receives a new kiln line to increase capacity. In the years from 2007 to 2009 Kottmann GmbH was contracted to design several structures for this new kiln line.

A particular challenge of this project was the first design of prestressed large-capacity silos for cement clinker in slipform construction on the territory of the Russian Federation. For this, the Russian national standards control authority in Moscow first had to be convinced of the technical feasibility. The planning had to take into account the implementation in sections during ongoing operation with various intermediate states.

The central cones of the two cement silos were planned as precast elements and installed in 2 height sections.

Steel profiles and reinforcing steel according to Russian standards SNIP/GOST.