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Cement plant Riad, U.A.E.
Planning period


Year of constrution


Services provided by Kottmann GmbH

Structural steel and concrete design (LPH 1-5)

Scope of design

14 high-capacity silos with feeding and unloading transports

Technical data
  • 4 monocell cement silos ⌀20 m, height approx. 90 m, storage capacity/silo 25,000 t
  • 2 duocell cement silos ⌀20 m, height 90 m, storage capacity/silo 23,000 t
  • 2 raw meal silos ⌀24 m, height 93 m, storage capacity/silo 35,000t
  • 3 clinker silos ⌀50 m, height silo 39m, height penthouse +75 m, storage capacity 129.000t/silo
  • 1 clinker silo with truck lanes for loading ⌀22 m, height 36 m, storage capacity 10,200t
  • 2 low fire silos ⌀10.5 m, height 31 m, storage capacity 2000t/silo

In the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert, 80 km southeast of Riyadh, Yamama Cement had one of the largest and most modern cement plants in Saudi Arabia built with 2 complete production lines. Kottmann GmbH was responsible for the structural design of all 14 large-capacity silos for the storage of limestone raw meal, clinker and cement, after we were successful in the engineering competition for mass optimization.

Challenges in the design of the prestressed concrete silos with heights of up to over 90m were the very high prestressing levels specified by the construction company with high temperature gradients in the desert climate, very high wind loads and the sporting deadlines.

The steel structures were designed with Chinese sections, and the reinforcing steel complied with US ASTM standards. For the start of the post-tensioning work, we carried out site supervision and advised the construction company on the post-tensioning sequence.