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Cement plant Vils, Austria
Planning period


Year of constrution


Services provided by Kottmann GmbH
  • Study of variants and silo design
  • Object planning incl. tendering
  • Structural steel and concrete design (LPH 1-6)
  • Geotechnics with settlement monitoring
Scope of design
  • New construction of a silo and loading system for cement with 3 silos
  • Various reconstructions and supporting structures for the cement transport
  • Reconstruction of a clinker storage hall by equipping with feed bins
Technical data
  • 3 cement silos Ø12m, heigt 55m, penthouse +64m
  • Octagonal base with 3 loading lanes
  • Shallow foundation on improved gravel building ground

The construction of a new silo loading facility at Schretter&Cie became necessary for the storage and shipment of different types of cement. 3 round silos stand on an octagonal substructure and a common silo bottom plate. The execution was carried out in two separate sliding phases: 1. for the octagon substructure and 2. for the 3 round silos together in one go.
Since the construction time in the Tyrolean Alps for concrete construction was restricted by the winter months, a demanding schedule was necessary and executed to the day. In addition to the object and structural planning, we carried out the site supervision.
The gravel of the foundation soil, which was only loosely bedded, required a special loading concept for the silo group, which we supervised with permanent settlement monitoring.