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Planning period
Cement plant St. Leonhard, Austria

2021 – 2022

Year of constrution

2022 – 2023

Services provided by Kottmann GmbH
  • Structural steel and concret design (LPH 1-6) incl. pile foundation
  • Random site supervision
Scope of design

Muti-chamber silo for cement with loading facility

Technical data
  • Cement silo diameter 18,7m, height 67m, 4 different silo chambers with together 7 cells
  • 3 steel platforms in the cone lower room, 2 loading lanes
  • Combined pile and slap foundation

Due to an extension of the product range and to increase the storage capacity, a multi-cell silo was built. The foundation was made on an octagonal foundation plate with 58 drilled piles. The silo sliding structure was constructed in 2 sliding phases. The pressure cone was constructed in in-situ concrete. The planning of the silo plant had to take into account a very demanding plant layout with an optional future mixing plant within the silo room.